Designing Water Softeners for Today's Commercial Buildings

A Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer Magazine sponsored webinar

A Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer Magazine sponsored webinar

If you’re still specifying water softening equipment based on peak flow rates, it’s time for a new approach that will enhance the performance of your building project by saving significant water, salt and money.

Commercial multi-tank systems (MTS) bring a series of smaller tanks on- and off-line as needed to properly service the building’s flow rates at any given time. MTS systems have lower capital costs, will save your clients up to 50% of their annual operating costs, and can be easily expanded at any time.

During this free, 60 minute seminar presenter Tyler Gamble will walk you through this new water conditioning technology and it’s applications in commercial buildings.

When: Tuesday, October 15th @ 2pm

Learning Objectives of this webinar:

  • Understand water hardness and its impacts on building performance

  • The benefits of water softeners in commercial applications

  • How ion exchange works

  • The environmental and economic advantages of responsive flow softeners