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Control Valves

Our control valves and controllers are held to the highest, independently tested, manufacturing standards and are constantly evaluated to ensure they meet the evolving demands of today's water treatment professionals and operators.

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Fibreglass Tanks

Canature WaterGroup™ commercial / industrial fiberglass tanks are a light weight, cost effective alternative to steel tanks for applications such as Softening, Filtration, or Storage.

Our seamless rugged polyethylene liner is wound with continuous fiberglass and sealed with epoxy resin to create a leak free and corrosion free high performance pressure vessel.

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Brine Tanks

A key feature of our brine tank design is the ability to maximize salt storage. The 5.3” diameter brine well extends through the lid of the tank allowing salt to be heaped past the top shoulders of the tank.

Canature WaterGroup™ rotationally molded commercial and industrial brine tanks are available in 350L, 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1500L and 2000L (92 to 530 Gallons).



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Diaphragm Valves

Our diaphragm valves utilize a dual-chamber design to control internal flow. This design makes the control more flexible, reliable and durable, and minimizes switching defects that a single-chamber valve may have.

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Commercial & Industrial RO Membranes

New Aqua Flo elements consistently offer high quality water and reliable system performance by operating at lower pressures and low energy costs.