Commercial Water Filter Systems

Canature WaterGroup™ has dedicated professional engineers with decades of commercial water treatment experience. Over the years, they have built a reputation for designing efficient, high quality commercial water treatment systems.

95STS Filter.png

95STS Series Commercial Filters

Flow rates vary from 3GPM to 26GPM, depending on your media choice.

The 95STS is perfect for small to medium sized commercial projects that don't require continuously filtered water. Craft breweries, restaurants and car washes are examples of businesses that are ideal for the 95STS.

95MTS Filter.png

95MTS Series Commercial  Filters

Flow rates vary from 6GPM to 78GPM, depending on your media choice.

Expandable up to 16 filters, the 95MTS is ideal for commercial customers who are looking for a reliable, efficient, smart filter system with low initial investment and room to grow.

MVS Filter.png

MVS Commercial Filters

Flow rates vary from 12GPM to 864GPM, depending on your application and media choice.

The MVS systems are ideal for large commercial projects that require a large volume of filtered water delivered continuously. Hospitals, hotels, municipal treatment plants and recreation centres are just a few of the projects that the MVS systems are ideal for.