105MTS Series Commercial Water Softeners

All systems are available in single, duplex, triplex, and quadplex operation.

105 MTS Series softeners provide up to 462 gpm continuous soft water 24 hours a day.* They are engineered and thoroughly tested to provide years of reliable, trouble-free performance with minimal maintenance.

*Based on an 8 tank system with one tank allowed off-line for regeneration at all times.

MTS systems use 40-50% less salt and regeneration water compared to conventional systems. During periods of high flow demand, tanks come on-line to add flow rate capacity. During periods of low flow demand, tanks go off-line insuring optimal efficiency and product water quality.

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Suitable for Apartments, Boiler Treatment, Breweries & Distilleries, Cooling Towers, Motels, Schools, Nursing Homes, Car Wash, Dairies, Factories, Laundromats, Office Buildings, Resorts, Restaurants, RO Pre-treatment, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Curling Rinks, Hockey Arenas, Greenhouse and Hydroponic Agriculture

Standard Features

  • MTS Controller: Fully programmable remote mounted control box

  • Parallel Flow: All tanks on-line and are interlocked so only one can regenerate at a time

  • Alternating Flow: At least one tank is always off-line for regeneration or ready in stand-by

  • Demand Flow: Tanks come on- or off-line according to the flow rate demand so that the system is always operating at optimum efficiency

  • System Interlock: A signal from other equipment can be accepted to lock out and prevent the system from regenerating

  • Advanced Diagnostic Information: Easily trouble-shoot and access system information in real-time

  • Auxiliary Outputs: Up to two programmable outputs / relays can be added

  • Battery back-up system: for up to 9 hours

  • Upflow Regeneration and Treated Water Regeneration

Operating Parameters

  • Operating pressure: 20 - 100 psi

  • Operating temperature: 39 - 100° F

  • Electrical: Input 120V 60 Hz - Output 12VAC

Materials of Construction

  • Control Valve: Plastic PPO (Noryl)

  • Resin Tanks: Corrosion resistant fibreglass reinforced polyethylene NSF 44 Certified

  • Brine Tank: High density polyethylene (includes plastic salt plate, brine well & cap, air check, and safety float)

  • Ion Exchange Resin: High Capacity IAPMO certified 8% Canature resin



Warranty Information


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Specification Documents
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